At 32 years of age with three kids you would think the day would exhaust me into a deep sleep by the time bed time rolled around. Well, while I’m extremely tired from a busy day I still am unable to sleep. Since I was enlisted in the US Army I haven’t been able to get a full night’s sleep without meds. Now I am not the only one that goes through this but man do I want to not dread nights anymore. I want to sleep without medicine and be able to fall into sleep with ease like my husband does 😉. Unfortunately, nights are when my mind likes to keep me awake and with my day starting at 4am there is no reason to go to sleep or even try, seeing that I don’t even go to bed till 3am anyways and that’s with medicine and I still don’t fall asleep till 3am. Tomorrow brings many challenges and I hope I can endure it with no sleep and a mind that doesn’t know how to handle stress like it use too. 🤦 One day at a time…. But I get to see this beauty sleep. ❤️😍